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Company Overview

Being in the business since 1979, TTS Group dedicates itself to bring the best possible solutions to help our customers solve some of the most challenging issues in semiconductor test and tooling today.

Right from R&D to design to simulation to validation, we focus on lowering the total cost of final test through relentless pursuit of innovation, yield, quality, reliability and on-time delivery for our customers. We understand our customer needs and provide a one-stop solution for all their concerns.

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Probe Pin (aka Pogo Pin or Spring Probe)

Probe pin is also known as pogo pin or spring probe.  It is designed to test the connection between two circuit boards and devices or equipment under test.


By selecting the spring probes solutions of TTS Group, you are assured of reliable products with proven life span, designed for different testing conditions. High performance applications require very precise designed probe pins.

Test Socket

To ensure that products meet regulations and specifications, a product needs to be effectively tested. More so for small, complex applications and technology devices, where the testing solutions are far more complex.  TTS Group specialises in a range of test and tooling probes and sockets designed to help engineers to assure the performance reliability of their products.


Our test sockets are made for high performance and are of top quality, to guarantee a smooth, effortless process. We believe in providing our partners and customers with effective and intelligent solutions that they can apply with ease.  Choose the solutions of TTS Group cater to the needs of detailed and complex systems.

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Hand Socket Lid

Hand socket lid is  normally used to run evaluation tests on semiconductor devices prior to High Volume Manufacturing mode.  It can also be used as a trouble shooting tool at bench test.

If your job requires evaluation tests on any semiconductor devices or require trouble shooting tests, you may be able to benefit from the superior quality testing sockets at TTS Group.

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