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Company Overview

360° engineering for the mobility of the future


We develop and supply test benches, mobile measuring technology, DAQ software and engineering services for the mobility of the future. We are on-site worldwide for vehicle development in the automotive industry as well as for aerospace and industry. We specialise in thermodynamics, acoustics and thermo-acoustics.

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Data Loggers

For fleet testing or endurance testing – IPETRONIK data loggers are employed worldwide within some of the most extreme, extended use environments, with technologies that offer unique capabilities for the effective measurement of drivetrain, engine cooling, in-vehicle climate control, HVAC systems, flight testing systems and other challenging applications. Our loggers provide dependable data acquisition, also in electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles and aircraft.


Our measurement modules unify extreme reliability, enormous capability and highest precision in one system. Thanks to its innovative technology, high rate of transmission and almost unlimited flexibility, IPETRONIK modules are in continuous operation and provide dependable measurements. That's why many well-known car manufacturers rely on technology and services of IPETRONIK.

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  • CanPressure

  • HV Thermocouple

  • Current Clamp

  • IPEshunt 3

  • M-Flow

Software & Digitalization

Any hardware is only as good as the software that runs on it. With IPETRONIK's software tools, you have full control over your information and every step of the data acquisition process at all times. From configuration, visualisation, analysis to reporting: we have simplified every step for you.

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Engineering Services

  • Acoustics Simulation

  • Automotive Project Management BTV

  • Climate Acoustic Chamber

  • Component Test Bench

  • Conductivity Analysis of Oils

  • Contamination

  • Development Carrier Vehicles

  • Endurance Test Bench IPEload

  • Function Test Bench Refrigerant Compressor

  • HV Charging Column Acoustic Chamber

  • ISO-R Conductivity Analysis of Components and Systems

  • Vehicle Endurance Run and Test Support

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