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Electric Charging Station

Our Solutions

Rugged Data Loggers, Modules, Sensors, Software + Digitization, and Engineering to Support the Automotive, Marine, Aerospace and Turbine Industries.  GNSS-Supported Gyro System ADMA (Automotive Dynamic Motion Analyzer) was Developed Specifically for Vehicle Dynamics Measurements and ADAS Evaluation in the Automotive Sector.

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  • Data Loggers

  • Modules

  • Sensors

  • Software and Digitization

  • Engineering Services

​Highly Precise IMU and DGNSS for Vehicle Dynamics

  • 3-Axis Measurement even during GNSS signal Loss

  • Data Output Rate up to 1000 Hz

  • Data Output via 5 CAN Bus Interfaces and Ethernet

  • Data Latency <1 ms

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