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Our Solutions

Rugged Systems and Leading Edge RF components for Commercial, SATCOM, Space, and Military/Aerospace Markets.  SIGINT and EW applications including an array of platforms (sub-surface, shipboard, land and airborne).  Rugged Integrated Computers for a variety of applications.

IQSTAR’s Key features

  • Complete characterization flow, including

  • Turnkey software solution for 50Ω circuit characterization

  • Fully customizable with flexible setup schematic

  • Instrument agnostic solution

  • No programming skills required

  • Compatible with coaxial, waveguide, fixtured, and on-wafer measurements

  • Export data files in CSV or MDIF formats for commercial circuit simulators

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Leading-edge RF Components for:

  • 5G/6G Wireless Ecosystem

  • Quantum Computing

  • SATCOM Low Noise Amplifiers

  • UAV's

  • Radars

Mission Critical RF Solutions for:

  • Smart Products

  • Tuners

  • Collection Receivers

  • Converters and Extenders

  • Search Receivers

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 In-House Manufacturing 

  • RF & Microwave Coaxial Connectors

  • High Performance RF & MW Cables

  • RF & Microwave Coaxial Adapters

  • Innovations

Rugged Embedded Computing

  • SBC's and GPU's

  • Video and Graphics

  • Ethernet Switches

  • I/O Boards

  • Power Supplies

  • Integrated Systems

An integrated computing platform for aerospace applications.  A DO-178C and DO-254 platform for

conventionoal and unconventional Urban Air Mobility (UAM), electric and hybrid-electric aircraft types

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End-to-End Technlogy Solutions

  • Fanless Embedded Computers

  • Modules (Systems on Modules)

  • Single Board Computer

  • AI-Optimized Hardware and Software

  • Payment Systems

  • HMI Solutions

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