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Company Overview

Family owned and operated, San-tron has been the Sanders family labor of love for over 65 years.


With six decades of experience, San-tron knows every angle of RF connector design and manufacturing. Old standards are challenged and reinvented, while our innovations are driving higher performance and addressing the harshest environments. Every day, we build upon our years of experience, rethinking RF connector design and manufacturing, while supporting some of the biggest defense contractors and communications companies around the world. 


President Brian Davies, with over 30 years of electronic connector industry experience, has brought a wealth of knowledge to our ranks. Having previously managed several successful manufacturing and engineering companies, Brian has championed lean manufacturing and advanced engineering simulation, driving San-tron product quality, reliability and ingenuity to new levels. 

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  • BNC & TNC

  • SMA & S350 (3.5mm)

  • Hight Voltage and Power

  • Feed Through Accessories

  • 7/16

  • Type N

  • S292 (2.92mm)

  • Other

High Performance RF & Microwave Cable Assemblies

  • High Performance RF and Microwave Coaxial

       Cable Assemblies

  • High Flexure, Armored, Phase and Amplitude Stable

  • High Power

  • High Frequency

  • Low Loss or Low PIM

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  • Precision 2.92mm

  • Phase Matched SMA

  • Straight for Test Applications

  • 4-Hole Flange

  • Bulkhead-Mounted


  • Unique Solutions for your Demanding RF Application

  • Ruggedized RF Coaxial Connectors 

  • IP68 Rated RF Coaxial Connectors-O-ring-less Solution

  • SRX Series Low-PIM Coaxial Cable Assemblies 

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