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Company Overview

AmpliTech designs, develops and manufactures custom leading-edge RF components for the Commercial, SATCOM, Space, and Military markets. These designs cover frequencies from 50 kHz to 44 GHz.  AmpliTech also has developed new products for the 5G/6G wireless ecosystem and infrastructure, Quantum Computing, SATCOM Low Noise Amplifiers, UAVs, Radars, and virtually all communications applications with unparalleled performance and with cutting edge technology. We continue to blaze trails in our commitment to enable and accelerate the arrival of true 5G/6G architecture and contribute to the U.S. being the leader and first to reach the coveted position of Quantum Supremacy. Advanced IP, Service and Quality are our best assets to give customers the best competitive edge possible. Our goal is to improve everyone’s quality of life for the 21st century and beyond.

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  • Low Noise, Cryogenic, Waveguide Amplifiers

  • Power Dividers

  • End Launch Waveguide Adapters

  • Waveguide Amplifiers

  • 5G/6G Products

  • MMIC Products

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